French Doors

French Doors

Do you want to enjoy the beatific view of your garden all around the year without compromising on security? VT Doors & Windows are popular designers who are recognized for offering high-quality French doors. Backed by an excellent team of professionals, we offer elegantly designed French doors that would add the timelessness to your backyard.

VT Doors & Windows hold expertise of many years in our niche of business. Putting our best foot forward each time, we have grown on to create a place in the heart of our customers.

We render our clients a wide arena of choice in aspects of colours and styles. VT Doors & Windows have a wide choice of uPVC, wood and aluminium doors. Each offer durability, are energy efficient and fitted with high-performance security.

Why Choose French Doors From Us?

The French doors designed by VT Doors & Windows add the extra edge to your home. We built them using advanced frame materials which aid in retaining the heat inside. Seal using energy efficient units for thermal performance, our French doors also feature a range of other security features. The reasons for choosing us are:

● Each French door is fitted with high-quality security systems combined with Yale anti-bump, anti-drill locks, anti-pick and door handles
● They come with an outward opening so as to add the touch of classic elegance to your stylish home
● Sealed glass units that offer high levels of thermal performance

We, at VT Doors & Windows guarantee to make your garden entrance resplendent and look ethnic. To aid our customers further in choosing the best, our VT Doors & Windows’ designers will visit your place and offer you complete guidance regarding specific requirements.

Once you have chosen from the range of glass options, frames, colours, we ensure to offer unique doors perfect for your backyard.

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