Solid Roof

Solid Roof

VT Doors & Windows assure to offer a sturdy roof that will protect you through all the seasons and not let the weather affect you. So, if you too are looking for a solid roof conservatory or in search for a replacement solid roof, then VT Doors & Windows is your answer. With our Solid Roof collection, you can enjoy the extra light, space, and sooth oneself in the panoramic views. Our collection of roofs won’t fail to offer you a room-like atmosphere and there is no more any need to build an extension using full brick.

Add The Classic Touch To Your House:

VT Doors & Windows is known for our impeccable service in creating masterpiece windows, doors and roofs. Holding expertise of years in the field, we have succeeded in maintaining a special place in the heart of our clients.

To render our client’s tailor-made roofs, we send our VT Doors & Windows designers to your place.

The designers will get a sneak peek into your house and offer you the perfect guidance of which material and design to opt for, in addition to highlighting the advantages such as energy efficiency, durability and much more.

Why Choose Us?

● Our Solid Roofs offer an extra layer of insulation providing an all-round comfort in addition to adding value to your money
● VT Doors & Windows offers a 10-year guarantee for our Solid Roofs. Within this period, you can either get a new roof made, replace the existing roof or retrofit your conservatory as per your choice
● From maintenance to installation, everything is carried out by experts in our team
● The Solid Roofs are sleek, carry a lightweight slate effect tiles and have modern internal finished ceilings
● Completely customizable. Customers can choose from a wide range of tile colors, roof glazing options and materials.

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